Heineken Experience

Heineken Experience

Heineken Experience Amsterdam

My Rating:

The positives:

It’s a well-organised tour of Heineken through the ages and a good introduction to the art of brewing. Not to mention you get to sip a nice cold beer at the Heineken bar!

The negatives:

There’s no beating around the bush – it is explicitly aimed at tourists. The only way any of the locals would be seen here is if they were entertaining guests from another country. But that doesn’t stop it being a bit of fun that you won’t want to miss out on.

Top Tip:

Make sure you buy your tickets online, as there is sometimes only limited space on the day. Plus, you’ll save EUR 3.00!

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Heineken Experience


EUR 23

Save 1,50 € / Admission + 2 small beers

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Heineken + Moco Museum

EUR 36.45

Admission to heineken + 2 small beers + Admission to Moco Museum

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