Domus Aurea

Domus Aurea

Domus Aurea

My Rating:

The positives:

It’s never too crowded (the number of tickets is limited). The tour is really high-tech throughout (hello video projections and VR glasses), so you can imagine what the imperial palace would have looked like in all its pomp and splendour all those centuries ago.

The negatives:

The lighting could be better at times – it’s hard to take a decent photo. During the summer, you have to book your tickets well in advance. There’s no free time to explore the complex on your own after the guided tour.

Top Tip:

Wear something with long sleeves or take layers to wrap up in – it can get a bit cold down in the underground passages. Make sure you buy your ticket in advance!

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Domus Aurea

Guided Tour

EUR 32

Admission, Guided Tour in EN/IT, Duration: 1,5 hour

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EUR 15

Catacombs of Rome

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