Ostia Antica

Ostia Antica

Ostia Antica

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The positives:

The train will get you from the city centre to Ostia Antica in 25 minutes for just EUR 1.50. It’s like Pompeii but better! ;-)

The negatives:

The excavation site is so huge that you’d really need two full days to explore it properly. ;-)


Why not follow up a morning at the Ostia Antica excavation site with an afternoon by the sea? Make sure you wear proper shoes that are suitable for exploring and pack sun cream and water if you’re planning to visit on a hot day.

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Ostia Antica

Roma Pass

EUR 33

for 48 or 72 hours

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Taxi Roundtrip

EUR 90

Roundtrip to Antica Ostia in a cab

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Ostia Antica official website (EN): www.ostiaantica.beniculturali.it

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