Torre Glories

Torre Glories

Barcelona from above
Torre Glories

My Rating:

The positives:

An amazing feat of architecture! The panoramic view of Barcelona is great, but no visit is complete without the Cloud Cities experience, if you ask us!
Top tip: Make sure you leave at least 30 minutes between your two time slots (one for arrival and one for the sculpture experience). There’s so much more to see. And the audio guide is free to listen to via an app.

The negatives:

The view of the city is a bit limited. And unfortunately, it’s all to do with the architecture – the slats that look so good from the outside actually get in the way a bit. You can’t just look out and enjoy a clear view.


The sculpture experience is not suitable for:
- Pregnant women
- Children under 16
- Older people who aren’t fully mobile
- People who suffer from vertigo, anaemia, claustrophobia, heart problems and breathing problems
- Wheelchairs and prams/pushchairs

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